It is so important to enable people to use their abilities and talents to support themselves. Web based businesses are a wonderful way for these people to excel.

Temple Grandin, Author of Thinking in Pictures
From email of September 2012

About Our Artists' Challenges

Renewing the Renaissance® provides dignity and pride to each of our artists, paying them fairly for their work and offering a sense of normalcy. In the interest of fostering normalcy and to preserve the artists' privacy, we do not disclose information about their specific challenges. Even with issues ranging from high-functioning autism to executive functioning challenges such as language and social issues, these artists can proudly thrive with our nurturing and support.


Jugashree’s journey as an artist began as a young girl in India. “It’s a tradition in India to draw a picture in your home during any festival or family function,” says Jugashree. These early family celebrations soon evolved into a determination to create a career in art.

As an eleven year old girl, Jugashree found her first opportunity to expose her painting to a wide audience. “Our family has a book publishing business and used to hire different artists to make the cover design,” says Jugashree, who convinced her father to consider her own artwork. “I still remember: I was 11 years old and the cover design that I made for one of the greatest authors in India was highly appreciated,” says Jugashree. “Since then I used to design the cover page for all the books in our publication.”

Jugashree moved to the United States and with the encouragement of her husband, family and in-laws- continued to develop her painting skills. With a Master of Arts degree in fine arts, Jugashree started doing exhibitions in Delaware, Chicago and New York City. “The positive feedback from strangers along with the emotional support of my entire family inspired me to keep moving on.”

Jugashree lives in Illinois, striving to “bring happiness to everyone through my art.”
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